Artist Marketing Book by Kelli Swan

From Creating Art to Creating Income Too (2) -
Marketing Tips for the Visual Artist

Artist Marketing Book by Kelli SwanThis second edition of my Artist Marketing Book is now available in ePub & Print formats. And, I have made the content available here for you to read now! Just use the handy TOC links below to read any chapter you like, or even the entire book. If you would like to order the electronic or print version, see links below:

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Table of Contents:

Inspired Wisdom



Is Selling Your Art a Business or Hobby?
- Business Structure
- Business Location
- Business Licenses
- Vendor’s License
- Business Permit
- Getting Paid

How to Price Your Work
- Research!
- Size of Work
- Value Added
- Limited edition, open edition or original art
- Resume of the Artist

Ideas About What to Sell
- Original art and reproductions
- Methods of Two Dimensional Reproduction
- Open Edition vs. Limited Edition Prints
- Hand-Tinted Prints
- Custom Work & Commissions
- Portraits
- Murals
- Contracts & Agreements
- Important Thoughts about Copyrights

Tools for Marketing
- Marketing materials
- Tracking Accomplishments & Contacts

Avenues of Marketing
- Artist leagues and Organizations
- Chambers of Commerce
- Advertising in Print
- Advertising on the Web
- Email Marketing
- Free Press

Traditional Places to Sell Your Work
- Art shows and Festivals
- Museum Shows
- Gallery Exhibitions
- Brick and Mortar Stores
- Consignment Display
- Local Galleries & Gift Shops
- Frame Shops
- Craft Malls and Co-ops
- Your Own Studio
- Commercial contracts and freelance work
- Public Art Projects
- Residencies and Grants
- Wholesale Your Artwork

Internet Venues for Marketing Your Work
- Your Own Website
- Design Your Own Website from Scratch
- Hiring a Web Designer
- Build Your Own Website Platforms
- Start a Blog
- Add Some More (Free!) Sites
Existing Sales Platforms for Selling
- Ebay
- Etsy
- Amazon
- Print on demand: Products, Books, Fine Art
- Google Services
Social Media Marketing
- Facebook
- YouTube
- LinkedIn
- Twitter
- Automating posts
- Organizing your social media accounts
- Online Directories

Other Helpful Ideas
- Donating to charity
- Paying attention

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