Interview with Artist Kelli Swan

Artist Marketing Interview with Dave Kasper

Interview with Artist Kelli Swan was the brainchild of David Kasper. I would like to express my enormous gratitude for his professional approach, thoughtful format and incredible editing skills in producing the final audio track. - Kelli Swan

About David Kasper:

“David Kasper is from the Madison, WI area. He has been a part-time artist in many forms for as long as he can remember. He is also a successful senior consultant for a trade show display company and is active in his local and online communities. Dave’s passion for success and life principles has lead him to start building a source of useful information to help others find solutions to their life difficulties and to grow in the many ways in which life offers us growth. Through his background in media and writing as well as art, Dave aims to offer this information in various formats to a wide variety of viewers.”