Custom Portraits in B&W Pencil

Specializing in Drawings of Pets, Dogs, Cats, Horses

Custom Pencil Portraits by Kelli SwanThese original pencil drawings are one-of-a-kind works of art created using your photographs as reference material. I specialize in horse, dog and pet portraits, though you will see from the samples below that I also offer architectural and family drawings. Feel free to contact me any time for additional information. Pricing and submission instructions follow the sample gallery below.

If you are interested in an overview of the steps to create a montage illustration, visit my stages of a pencil drawing page!


Pencil - Custom Portraits Portfolio

Custom drawing of small dog in black pencil
Custom drawing of family and their pets
Custom drawing of four dogs
Custom drawing of four family members
Memorial pencil drawing Corgi Dog
Memorial pencil drawing of three greyhounds
Pencil drawing of Washing DC Row House
Memorial pencil drawing dog German Shepherd Dog
Custom pencil drawing of family at Beach with Husband, Wife, Daughters, Son
Custom pencil drawing of several gold course clubhouses
Custom pencil drawing of mixed breed dog
Custom pencil drawing of family with bride, groom, children
Custom pencil drawing of Daisy the Doberman Pinscher Dog - memorial gift
Custom montage pencil drawing of Doberman Pinschers
Custom pencil drawing of two horses
Custom pencil drawing of vintage biplane radial engine
Terrier Dog Portrait Drawing - Custom Pencil Portrait
Three Doberman Pinscher Dogs - Custom Pencil Portrait
Jack Russell Terrier Dog - Custom Pencil Portrait
Boxer Dogs Puppies - Custom Pencil Portrait
Friesian Horse Portrait
Scooter the Terrier Dog Pencil Pet Portrait
Cowgirl Barrel Racer Pencil Portrait
Blackhawk Helicopter Pencil Drawing
Turbo the Greyound Dog Pencil Pet Portrait
Labrador Dogs Pencil Pet Drawing
Thoroughbred Racehorse Portrait in Pencil
Portrait of Woman in Pencil
Afghan Dog Pet Portrait Drawing in Pencil
Gypsey Vanner Horse Portrait Drawing
Cowboy Pencil Portrait Drawing
Big Ben the Dog Pet Portrait
Horse and Girl Portrait
Jack Russell Dog Pencil Portrait
Pencil Portrait of Man
Collie Dog Portrait Drawing in Pencil
QSR Company Retirement Gift Portrait
Bull Rider Drawing in Pencil
Custom Cat Portrait in Pencil
Custom Pencil Drawing of Woman
Collie Dog Pet Portrait Drawing in Pencil
Pencil Portrait Drawing of Pit Bull Dogs
Pencil Portrait Drawing of Friesian Mounted Patrol
Pencil Portrait Drawing of Man Golfer
Pencil Portrait Drawing of Girl with Arabian Horse
Pencil Portrait Drawing of German Shepherds Handicapped Dog
Pencil Portrait Drawing of Jack Russell Terrier Dog



Prices for Custom Portrait Drawings in Pencil

8" x 10" Pencil Portrait = $300
9" x 11" Pencil Portrait = $375
11" x 14" Pencil Portrait = $650

- Mounting on foam core & double matting are included
- S&H is additional (Free s&h with full payment on order placement.)
- Note: for houses/buildings created in pencil, pen&ink portrait pricing applies

Submission Instructions for Portrait Orders


- A 50% deposit is required with order. The balance of 50% is due upon delivery.
- Shipping is included if the order is pre-paid in full.
- Payments may be made in the form of check, money order, credit card or paypal.
- Sales tax will be added to Ohio customer orders.

Sales Tax:

- Sales tax will be added to Ohio orders.


- Turnaround time is generally about 3-4 weeks.
- If a tighter deadline is required, please email or call in advance.

Submission Instructions:

Kelli works from photographs. It is best if you can supply at least several quality photos of your subject. Photos should be sharp and show the subject(s) with reasonable clarity.

Note: Actual (printed) photographs are preferred. If you plan to send digital images, please contact Kelli first to discuss the number of images you will be sending, etc.. Multiple e-mailed images take time to download, sort & printout. In the case of many photos, or images requiring digital adjustments in order to be printed out and used for drawing reference, an additional charge may be added to the portrait price.

Photos must contain enough detail to be used as reference. Some photos taken with camera phones are low resolution and will not be suitable as reference material.
Please forward photos and deposit to:

Kelli Swan | Cygnet Graphics Ltd
[contact Kelli for mailing address]

For questions, contact Kelli by email or call (330) 933-5013.

Sample Pet Portraits

Doberman Pinscher Dog pencil portrait
Doberman Pinscher Dog pencil portrait by Kelli swan


Afghan Dog custom pencil portrait
Afghan dog custom pencil portrait by Kelli Swan


Pasture horses - custom pencil portrait
Two Pasture horses - custom pencil portrait by Kelli sWan


Dressage horse pencil portrait
Dressage horse pencil portrait by Kelli Swan


Vintage biplane radial engine pencil portrait
Vintage biplane radial engine pencil portrait by Kelli Swan


Family pet - Jack Russell dog pencil portrait
Pet memorial - Jack Russell dog pencil portrait by Kelli Swan